Measure Incrementality with a few clicks

Prove Marketing ROI to your CFO

Easy integration with GA4, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. Run Geo Experiments to measure the incremental conversions and true ROI of your campaigns.

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Incrementality tool

How we can help you

Optimize budget allocation
Optimize budget allocation

Invest smarter, not harder. Focus your budget on campaigns that truly drive demand, rather than just capturing it.

Prove value
Prove ad spend value to the CFO

Straightforward, in-depth reports that show the real impact of your ads on your business. Negotiate marketing budget with confidence.

Trust your ROAS
ROAS you can trust

Conversion data from analytics and ads platforms are biased. We provide statistically-backed conversion data you can trust.

Measure offline campaigns
Measure offline campaigns

Track your offline campaign results effortlessly. Skip the hassle of UTMs and consumer polls for a simple ROI measurement.

Privacy protected
100% privacy protected

Privacy-friendly and future-proof. We skip cookies, pixels, and tags so you can have peace of mind—for you and your customers.

Conitnuous measurement
Incrementality > Attribution Models

Discover the genuine, added value of your campaigns. Unlike traditional attribution models with predetermined, path-based values, Incrementality reveals what truly works.

How our incrementality measurement works

Choose a campaign to test

Connect your Google Ads or Facebook Ads account and choose the campaign you wish to test. You can also upload a CSV containing campaign data.

Analyze Historical Conversion Data

Connect your GA4 account (or upload a CSV) and we'll analyze your past conversion data. Our sophisticated algorithm identifies key geographic areas that best represent your overall conversion data.

Hide Ads in Small Areas

We'll stop showing your campaign's ads in a few low-impact cities. This helps us test without hurting your overall sales.

Compare and Measure

Get access to a dashboard comparing conversions from test locations with our model's predictions if ads had continued running. This shows you the real boost in conversions your campaign provides and the true cost per conversion.